Structured Volunteer Programme

The Structured Volunteer Programme is open to anyone looking to get back into paid employment. A stepping stone to help build skills, experience and confidence by volunteering with your selected charity on a scheme that is targeted to your personal objectives. All achievements will be documented whilst on the programme, which will provide valuable evidence when applying for paid employment.

The programme is open to anyone who feels this scheme will be helpful for them. You may be a parent whose young children are at nursery or starting school and you are wondering what to do next. I remember how I felt after having a career break to look after my children, not knowing how to get back into employment again and wondering whether anyone would want to employ me. The programme is a gentle introduction and where ever possible will fit in with your other commitments.

You may be recovering from being unwell, knowing that at some stage you will need to find paid employment again. The Structured Volunteer Programme could assist you on your journey to a paid position. Also, you may be thinking about a career change but are not quite sure where to start, the programme will allow you to find out more about something new.

Enabling you to see if a change is right for you.

Currently we have charities signed up to the programme who could offer a range of experiences including:


  • Admin
  • Caring 
  • Gardening 
  • Stewarding and events
  • Activities with children


 If you are looking for something that isn’t listed above, we will approach other local charities to try and find just what you are looking for.

Whilst on the programme you will be learning and developing but you will also be making a difference too, helping others can be extremely rewarding. As I am sure you are aware most charities would struggle to survive without volunteers, some charities are entirely run by volunteers so wouldn’t exist at all.

The programme is flexible however to get maximum benefit you would need to commit to at least 6 months, possibly a year. Although this will depend on your personal circumstance and what you think would work best for you. It is anticipated that volunteers will do one or two sessions per week again this will depend on your circumstances and your personal objectives.

We will work with you to help you achieve your goals and will regularly contact / meet with you to review how things are progressing and ensure things are on track.

To find out more please contact Gill Ball at The Tenterden Volunteer Centre who will bedelighted to tell you more, email or phone 07774958706.

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