Examples of what Volunteers do



A volunteer visits a lonely or isolated person, for a cup of tea and a chat. The visit may extend to a shopping trip, perhaps, and a lasting friendship can develop. This is a vital service provided by CARM and others. 

Befriending is a major part of social prescription used by Ivy Court Surgery to tackle loneliness and isolation. Dr. Neil Pilai says this is a massive problem in our community given its rural location and ageing demographic. 

For a moving video about loneliness, click here  and make sure to watch the end.


In a 16th April news item on their website Tenterden Town Council calls for volunteers from Tenterden:


"We (also) envisage that the car transport services offered by Ashford Volunteers (Ashford Volunteer Centre - AVC) to Tenterden and its environs will be enhanced and made more available. To do this the organisation needs more volunteer drivers from the town to enlist." 

If you are interested in helping to provide this valuable service to the community your can contact Tenterden  Volunteer Centre and we’ll be happy to explain how it works and put you in touch with AVC, or you can contact them direct.

Tenterden Social Hub’s Meal Club is also looking for drivers for their "meals on wheels" service. They are also looking for volunteers to help in the Hub in various roles.

Helping People at Home

There is a recognised need for volunteers to help people who may be disabled or infirm, for example, with tasks such as gardening, mowing the lawn, mending things or decorating. These jobs can be challenging for many, and an hour or two of your time could make all the difference.


This can take many forms. One, Volunteer Mentoring, organised by Porchlght, needs volunteers to mentor 10 to 16 year olds, see News. Another relates to financial advice provided by the Tenterden Community Hub. This hub needs volunteers to help with providing such advice, or providing a listening ear. You can find out more in the Places for Work page or by visiting their website.



Examples of this are maintenance of the Town’s green spaces, such as, the Millennium Gardens, the space in front of the Fairings, the flower beds outside Boots, litter picks etc. Further details from the Town Council.

Email us        info@tenterdenvolunteercentre.org.uk  

Or phone us   01580 230290