What’s Happening

Volunteers are getting in touch

People are saying that previously a Google search for "Tenterden volunteering" was unproductive and confusing and agree that it’s now much easier using this website.

Most of the local charities require more volunteers than we can find, so help us to help them to help the community, by contacting us and taking the first step to making a difference. People continually report the positive experience that volunteering provides, so get in touch. Its a win/win!

Here’s a recent contact that demonstrates generosity of time and great community spirit.

This person has been trained for befriending with CARM.


Here’s a sneak preview of our new poster

We hope our local businesses will be kind enough to display them as they did before.

Here's CARM's latest call for volunteers. You can respond to them direct or have a chat with us first if you prefer. Either way Befriending is a great way to volunteer and makes a huge difference to people who are lonely or isolated.


CARM is one of our top favourite local charities. They deserve our support for their vital role in dealing with loneliness and social isolation.