What’s Happening

There are a thousand Men's Sheds in Australia, where the movement started about 30 years ago. This year there are 500 in Britain and many in other countries around the world. So what's it all about?

Men's health, especially as they get older was the original issue and so it remains to this day. Sheds were always the place where men could do their thing, making, mending or just somewhere to be in their own space. The difference with a Man's Shed is this is a place where men can get together while doing (often woodworking), learning, teaching or just chatting. One man has been quoted as saying his membership is better than any medicine he'd ever taken.

In practice the activities undertaken are almost limitless. Aside from woodworking we've heard of learning to cook, working on allotments, making things for the community, it really is up to the members. 

Talking of "we", the project team comprises the chairman of TVC, the CEO of Tenterden Social Hub (formerly the Day Centre) and a lady volunteer who is keenly interested in Men's Sheds. We very much look forward to making your acquaintance at the Tenterden Men's Shed initial meeting, being held in the Tesco meeting room on Tuesday 3rd Sept, 2019, at 11am. Here you can find out much more and perhaps decide to join, just to be kept in touch, even become a committee member or possibly to be an ambassador for this exciting project.

The Royal Voluntary Service has this on its website, today, 31.07.19

Volunteers are getting in touch

People are saying that previously a Google search for "Tenterden volunteering" was unproductive and confusing and agree that it’s now much easier using this website.

Most of the local charities require more volunteers than we can find, so help us to help them to help the community, by contacting us and taking the first step to making a difference. People continually report the positive experience that volunteering provides, so get in touch. Its a win/win!

Here’s a recent contact that demonstrates generosity of time and great community spirit.

This person has been trained for befriending with CARM.

Here's CARM's latest call for volunteers. You can respond to them direct or have a chat with us first if you prefer. Either way Befriending is a great way to volunteer and makes a huge difference to people who are lonely or isolated.