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Many years ago Tenterden had its own flourishing volunteer driving service. It had a good number of drivers and co-ordinators and operated from the Town Hall. For reasons unknown the service ceased and was taken over by the Ashford Volunteer Center. 

Thanks to the Tenterden Social Hub the service is returning soon to Tenterden. People unable to use their own transport for whatever reason will be able to phone the Transport Co-ordinator at the Hub and request a driver to take them to an appointment which could be a visit to hospital, the doctors, the chemist, the opticians, the dentist and so on. The driver may wait during the appointment or organise a drop off and return trip later. Drivers will be paid expenses and associated transport costs.

The clue is in the name - the service needs volunteer drivers, with or without their own transport. This is a brilliant way to make a difference in the local community and be a real help to elderly or isolated people.   

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About Us

We’re here with advice to encourage and help people to volunteer and to help local organisations find the volunteers they need to provide services that are vital to the Tenterden community. 

We believe that the local community is best served by people who live in the area and know its people and their needs.

We are a community group team working with all who are connected with volunteering.

We are working with  local charity organisations, some of which are mentioned below in Places for Work.

About Volunteering

Any activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives, or to benefit the environment.

Definition by the National Centre for Social Research and the Institute for Volunteering Research

In a Guardian report of a survey of more than 10,000 people by YouGov for The National Council for Voluntary Organisations it is stated that:

Volunteers (expressed as percentages of the people surveyed) say the experience has given them ...

Satisfaction 96%

A feeling of making a difference 90%

A feeling of belonging 85%

Improved mental health 77%

More confidence 74%

New skills and experience 71%

A feeling of being less isolated 68%

Improved physical health 53%

A feeling that it's too much like paid work 19%