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About Us

We’re here with advice to encourage and help people to volunteer and to help local organisations find the volunteers they need to provide services that are vital to the Tenterden community. 

We believe that the local community is best served by people who live in the area and know its people and their needs.

We are a community group team working with all who are connected with volunteering.

We are working with  local charity organisations, some of which are mentioned below in Places for Work.

We are partnering with Alpha Charity Consulting.  ACC assists charities to become more efficient and effective, and helps them find volunteers. They are advising us on raising our profile and awareness. We assist them in finding volunteers for the charities they work for.

About Volunteering

Any activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives, or to benefit the environment.

Definition by the National Centre for Social Research and the Institute for Volunteering Research

In a Guardian report of a survey of more than 10,000 people by YouGov for The National Council for Voluntary Organisations it is stated that:

Volunteers (expressed as percentages of the people surveyed) say the experience has given them ...

Satisfaction 96%

A feeling of making a difference 90%

A feeling of belonging 85%

Improved mental health 77%

More confidence 74%

New skills and experience 71%

A feeling of being less isolated 68%

Improved physical health 53%

A feeling that it's too much like paid work 19%


The Connections

The Centre’s function is to promote connections in the community by being a focal point for information about all aspects of volunteering in and around Tenterden 

TVC is the Tenterden Volunteer Centre

Examples of ORGANISATIONS are Tenterden Social Hub, Tenterden Community Hub, CARM, etc

BENEFICIARIES are members of the community who have work done for them by VOLUNTEERS


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or phone us   01580 230290