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Tenterden Volunteer Centre

What happens when you contact us

These are the ways of getting in touch

You can call  07970 461634  or email,  use the contact page on this site, or contact us via Facebook (Tenterdenvolunteers) or Twitter (@TenterdenVolun1).

When you contact us we’ll chat about why you’re interested in volunteering, what you might be interested in doing and what type of role might suit you best.

We have a database of all the organisations offering volunteering roles and work opportunities we know about and its growing all the time. Using this we can help to point you to someone who will be very keen to hear from you. If you’re emailing us we’ll ask you to phone us or give us your number because we will need to chat to you in the first place.

While we’re talking we may find you’re interested in something we can’t immediately help with. In this case we’ll be happy to make enquiries and get back to you.

On the subject of the personal details you may give us

You will be aware of GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulations). We have conducted an assessment with the ICO (the Information Commissioners Office who control this)  and do not currently consider it necessary to register for this.  However, we are very well aware of our responsibilities regarding the need to keep the contact details you give us safe and secure and to ensure they will only be used by us to stay in touch, with your permission, and to put you in touch with appropriate organisations. You will of course have to go through the required procedures with the organisation themselves to make sure checks and training are undertaken as necessary. 

Email us  

Or phone us  07970 461634